Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Soon it will be spring and time for gardeners to get busy digging, planting and preparing for summer's harvest. The Yreka Community Gardens (YCG for short) is busy preparing for our third year of operation. One of our goals is community food security. One way we can help meet this goal is to foster more gardens in Yreka. In addition to seven new beds at Knapp Street site, we hope to lend our experience to other local groups who want to start community gardens.

Mentor/advisors are available to assist with garden location, planning and other start-up tasks. If you or your group wishes to be considered for these services which include one years worth of moral and technical suppport, please contact us through out email at mailto:yrekacommunitygardens@gmail.com or call Ayn Perry at 842-7103 for information. More help is also available from the American Gardening Association at their website, which is http://www.communitygarden.org/.

Photos by Sam Cuenca.