Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reducing Your Water Footprint

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Notes from YCG Workshop presented by Don Rolph, City of Yreka   7/12/2011

Don handed out 2 new documents to assist with the City of Yreka’s Water Efficiency Program.  One is Water Efficiency Plant Guide for Reducing Irrigation Water Use; the second is Landscaping and Irrigation Ideas.  Both will assist citizens with reducing water bills through water efficient landscaping.  For a copy of them contact the city, at 841-2386 or download them at the city’s website.  There is also a pamphlet explaining the program and giving some basic water conservation tips. 

Don explained that the main savings in water use are to be found in your outside watering practices in our climate.  Don discussed some basic skills such as learning how to read your flow meter, how to fix simple hose and pipe leaks, and measuring your water pressure.  All these skills and more will be discussed during a visit from Don to your home, if you live in Yreka.
Don also discussed several key water conservation concepts.  One of the most effective water conservation is plant by “hydro zones” or areas of your landscaping or garden that have the same water needs.  This allows for more efficient irrigation design and watering.  Other steps that will reduce your water bill are to reduce the area of lawn that you water, and to switch to drip or rotary sprinklers.

The City of Yreka wants to improve water use efficiency for homeowners and businesses.  Water surveys are available on a voluntary basis.  Contact Don Rolph at the city at 841-2356 to schedule one or for more information. 

The Yreka Community Gardens supports efforts to save water at our garden and yours.  Please check out these informative pamphlets and pass the word to your neighbors that saving water is one way to reduce water bills.  We hope to put on a drip irrigation design workshop in the spring 2012.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gardening Workshops for July

Yreka Community Gardens
431 Knapp Street

All Classes Tuesdays at 6:00 PM

July 12th ·  Water Conservation Basics · Don Rolph  City of Yreka

How to reduce your water footprint.

July 19th · Food Preservation · Susanna Black YCG Member

Learn ways to preserve and store your food after you’ve grown it.

July 26th · Increase Your Harvest · Ann Robinson Montague Farmers Market

How to maximize the production from your garden by harvesting at the right time and in the right way.  Hands-on harvesting demonstration.