Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Outdoor Pavilion for the Yreka Community Garden

Ford Family Foundation Cohort IV
Yreka Leadership Development Project

     Now that the Garden Pavilion is finished it can begin to fulfill its job of providing a gathering place and educational space for the community. So far, the Pavilion has provided shelter for a rainy summer potluck for community gardeners and friends. About 50 people attended and enjoyed each other’s company and creations, including a cake to celebrate the Pavilion’s first event.

In a sunny garden people naturally gather in the shade, but this isn’t easy at the Yreka Community Garden.  Previously, workshops have taken place on a shady slope beneath a few trees on the west side of the greenhouse. The Pavilion is a handsome addition to the natural beauty of the garden and provides a more central and comfortable place for workshops, celebrations and informal sharing of tips, recipes, resources and ideas. Gardeners regularly comment about how attractive and sturdy it is, and as the senior beds are added nearby it will provide a welcome place to rest and enjoy the natural environment.