Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leaf it to Me or Turn Don't Burn

Amy Tamm is showing the way with her personal leave collection efforts.  She has been helping her neighbors by taking their fall leaves and using them make compost in her garden for 3 years.
Air quality and soil health can be vastly improved by proper utilization of our existing green matter. Burning leaves contributes to poor air quality and wastes a valuable resource.

Sponsored by the Siskiyou Gardens, Parks and Greenway Association (SGPGA), this is the 3rd year of our leaf collection effort. We are expanding this year to several sites in an attempt to share the green gold and spread the benefits to several locations.

Leaf collection is a high priority and relatively easy to implement for our community. It is a part of a local solution to a larger regional solid waste effort. Siskiyou County can be a leader in local reduction of our waste stream, which at this time is all hauled out of the county. Being more self contained and independent is all part of living in the State of Jefferson. Any green waste or leaves that are mixed with garbage goes into the waste stream is contaminated and cannot be used for composting.

If you don’t want to compost your leaves, please consider bringing your clean leaves to one of the leaf collection events. Leaves on the sidewalks should be bagged and not blown into the street. Leaves left in gutters can clog the storm drains and cause flooding. We are working with the City of Yreka to lessen the impacts to our lovely town by educating citizens to the best way to dispose of leaves.

Leaves can be dropped off this month at several locations. Please be respectful of public property and do not leave anything at these sites except during the leaf collection event.  Problems with garbage and mixed loads will cause these sites to close. Every load and bag will be inspected to insure that compost can be made from these leaves. There is no charge for this community service.

November 22-23, Friday and Saturday 9-1 at the Siskiyou County Adult Probation Center, 805 Juvenile Lane (behind the old hospital).
December 6- 7, Friday and Saturday at the Yreka Community Gardens at the corner of Knapp and North Oregon Street.

Sponsored by the SGPGA, Shasta Valley Rotary, Siskiyou Golden Fair, Cal-Recycle and Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department.

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